Showcase: The new style rules you'll wanna obey this season with Topman

It's not every day that you get a call from the global fashion house Topman inviting you to collaborate alongside some fellow awesome local men's fashion lads to help promote a selection of upcoming seasonal styles that are hitting our streets of New Zealand. 

The brief was simple; showcase the range of 5 new style rules this season by pulling together an outfit and styling it on a mannequin to show how to make each style rule work. All 5 of us were assigned an individual style rule and challenged to bring it to life in our own way using new season arrivals, fresh from London.  

As you're probably already aware, fashion - just like many things in life, can come about in full circle. What was in vogue a few years ago can make a full comeback. So let me take you back to that time when you were young and carefree, and your mum used to tell you over and over, to tuck it in? Well, it turns out mum knew what was up all along, as this season, one rule you'll wanna be sure to follow is to TUCK IT IN. Mum is going to be proud. 

The key to a good tuck in is to make sure you haven't got too much material length, otherwise it'll look like you're wearing a nappy and you're likely quite a few years away from needing one. The second piece of free advice that'll make a tuck work its socks off is to find an item that's a little unusual or different to what you'd typically expect to find tucked in. So you'll see rather than opting for the easy choice of a tee, I've pushed it a little and selected a long sleeve knit to elevate and provide a little sophistication to the look. Something like a knit or a polo can also provide great contrast to your trousers, and that's exactly why I went with the lighter toned Topman knit as it worked nicely against the dark navy hues from the cuffed chino pants.

During what felt like a clothing scavenger hunt in the Topman Queen St store, I had in mind that my outfit should have some flexibility, with the aim that it could go from street savvy to the office, by simply switching up one element - in this case that's where the green bomber jacket comes into play. I really enjoyed throwing on this waffle bomber as a layer, because it added both some texture and volume to my look without adding too much weight. 

Of course nothing is complete without a pair of well-nice sneakers. And if you've been paying attention to my suggestions of late or noticed what I'm sporting on the reg, a crisp pair of white sneakers are the go-to for almost any look. These white leather sneaker gave balance to the colour palette from the top half and the dose of white helps to keep you looking fresh. Feel free to review my white sneaker hit list if you're in the need of a pair. So helpful aren't I. 

Ultimately, the tuck in is a great style to start with and get comfortable in this season. It's undoubtedly one of the simplest trends to pull off, you can basically tuck in anything you like, with anything you like, whether that's a pair of chinos, joggers, jeans and even shorts. Hopefully, this mini showcase has provided some insight into how you too can successfully rock the TUCK IT IN style this season. Turns out mum's unsolicited fashion advice never goes out of style. 

Get inspired and check out all 5 style rules & mannequins as curated by local Kiwi guys, DallanKedeccVlad, Ryan and myself at Topman Queen St, Auckland and Lambton Quay, Wellington stores over the next few weeks 👌🏼



Jaheb wearing // Topman bomber jacket, knit and chino pants, all in-store now. Shop and find out more about the 5 new style rules over at Topman.

📸 @Sophie Miya-Smith

Big thanks to Showroom 22 & Topman for the collaboration.