Trending: It's time to join the army

I'm the youngest of three boys so there's never been a real chance that I'd get to fight on the frontline for my country if we ever had to go to war. The closest I'm likely to get or have anything to do with the army is by wearing something like a camo jacket and you know what -  that's fine by me!

Wearing military and camo is a trend that has rarely ever left the scene. It's dipped in and out, sure, but it's always had a solid following and it's only when mainstream labels decide they'll bring it back for a season or two, do you end up seeing it plastered on every window front and watching every street kid wanting a pair of camo pants as a result. See I Love Ugly's line up if you're one of them needing a pair. 

I've had many encounters with camo over the years. When I think back, the earliest I remember was a pair of camo cargo pants that cleverly also unzipped into shorts. They were from Hallensteins. Think they were the Planet 8 brand if anyone can remember wearing that?! Circa year 2000, woah shit that was a while back. Since then, I've had some other pieces like a pair of tailored camo pants from Zara and now more recently this jacket I'm modelling in these shots. 

I found this camo jacket in a second hand recycle store in Brooklyn, New YorK called Beacon's Closet. This camo number was in amongst a heap of cool looking jackets and as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to get it. And then when I tried it on and it fitted perfectly I was super thrilled. It was going to be a key piece for the Autumn and Winter seasons back in New Zealand.

What's more impressive about this camo jacket is that it's real. It's authentic - yes the buzzword of the fashion world at present. But it is the real deal - an army issued jacket, complete with velcro patches to slap on your name and flag, as well as a material patch incase you get a rip or a bullet hole...?

Bullet holes aside, this jacket adds a solid dose of attitude to your look. Because this jacket is my statement or key piece, it does most of the work for the entire outfit. So this means I can keep the rest of the elements fairly simple and understated. I originally had on a different pair of jeans but reverted to the ripped denim as it helped give a little grunge to the bottom half, and a clean tee and shoes helped make it feel more high street. The Fedora was thrown in for good measure and also because it was windy and messing with my hair do. Hate that. 

Join the military trend and we'll see you out on the battlefront/streets of Auckland.


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Jaheb wearing // Vintage camo jacket from Brooklyn, Rag & Bone ripped denim jeans, Calvin Klein 90's re-issue tee, French Connection leather sneakers, Brixton Fedora & Ray-Ban sunglasses.