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No doubt you were part of the Converse craze where we'd all be sporting the canvas low or high chucks (I still have multiple pairs that are my go-to) but now we're evolving our street style and turning it up a notch. We're on the search for clean cut leather sneakers that scream quality, simplicity and style.  We want sneakers that can work on the street, in the workplace, out on a date and even paired with some nice trou for a swanky night out.

Not all sneakers are created equal however and there's something to be said for a pair of sneakers made with high-quality materials like Italian leather and the care that comes from being handmade. Yes you pay more for it, but you also get more. You get fundamentals required in a shoe like longevity and durability. From the quality of the design, the materials sourced and used, to the attention to craftsmanship. It's about getting the detail right with all the pieces that go into making a good pair of sneakers. And guys seriously a pair of white sneakers are a wardrobe must-have, they go with pretty much anything - you really can't muck it up. You just need to make sure you give them a little TLC to keep 'em white. 

Below is my take on some slick white sneakers you'll wanna be wearing this Summer and pretty much every day after. As always I'll give you a run down starting with my top pick and I'll outline the price scale along the way - but because we're talking quality leather shoes the scale is on the higher end. Get the credit card ready...

1. Common Projects $$$$

Common Projects Achilles Low leather white sneaker

You won't be surprised at this, but to kick off my number one spot it's none other than the American/Italian brand - Common Projects. No doubt you've already heard of them, seen the shoes all over Instagram, and envy those who sport a pair.  It might be just about time we changed this. For real I've started my own little savings account called 'common projects' to fundraise for my first pair.

The classic cut Original Achilles low-top leathers are the ultimate first pair of sneakers to own and go for circa $370 NZD which is the cheapest I've found online over at  matches fashion. So yes - quite the investment, but all the reviews I've come across are extremely complimentary with CP owners basically living in their sneakers day in and day out. Common Projects has been known to be synonymous with quality and that's exactly what you're paying for so make no mistake that these shoes will pay off and you'll have them for years. 

In terms of a shoe, I love how they're so simple. They're unsophisticated and reserved, and it's that approach to the design that makes the sneaker look elegant. And of course like all of the Common Projects line up, their sneakers are stamped with their unique and distinctive serial number, so people know you got style fool. 

So far I've saved $100 towards these CP low cut sneakers. Keep you updated on how I go. Might need to do a sausage sizzle...

2. Filling Pieces $$$

Filling Pieces Low Top Diagonal white sneakers

Filling Pieces were born from the idea there weren't many great premium high-quality streetwear shoes for a good price. So an architect by trade launched his own label in Amsterdam and 8 years on they've built a mass following for their extensive range of sneakers. 

This particular sneaker model, the low top, is a classic and permanent fixture in their range. Check out the geometrics of this shoe and the raised angles which makes it feel closer to a high top than low. On top of that, the decision to combine two leather variants - Nubuck and Nappa gives this shoe a distinctive look and style.

There's a bit more sneaker to this model against others and is it just me or do these remind you of soft clouds? Bet they feel soft as clouds too. Anyhow I could definitely see myself wearing these around the clock as they're a good match for just about any outfit and occasion.  

Loads of online fashion retailers stock Filling Pieces so it won't be hard to track down a pair you love, and the FP website ships internationally which is ace. 

3. ETQ $$$

ETQ Low white leather sneaker

I spotted this label ETQ from Amsterdam while following some big hitter European male bloggers who own countless few pairs of ETQs and Common Projects sneakers (very freaking jealous). The ETQ low top 1 sneakers aren't too dissimilar in shape and overall style to CP to be honest, but that's cool as ETQ have a huge range of low top models on offer that are numbered starting from 1 to 5. As the digits go up the sneaker gets more meatier. They then move into the mid top models in the same numeral fashion - quite clever I thought. Have a geez at their season look book here.

Overall the ETQ low top is a well-rounded shoe with minimalism at its heart and I'd be happy to slip my feet into a pair and wear these on casual occasions and with some smart pants to head out to dinner in. You can grab your pair straight from here, and better still it's free shipping worldwide with purchases over €100. Yippie!

4. A.P.C. $$$$

A.P.C leather tennis sneaker

Another favourite label of mine is French and called A.P.C. They're a big player in the global fashion scene and make frequent appearances across many a 'flat lay' or 'look of the day' on bloggers' instagram feeds and as such do cost a fair whack of moolah. But don't let that deter you, as a pair of white sneakers are a good, solid investment. Not like bonus bonds. 

A.P.C. have gone and added their stroke of French elegance to this tennis sneaker that encompasses the meaning of minimalism which stays true to their entire design mantra. Again the focus is on quality leather which is present throughout the shoe and you'll notice the limited stitch work allowing for the leather to breathe and be bold. These bad boys also come with quite a chunky sole compared to other brands' models adding to its durability. 

It's definitely a stunning shoe and a solid contender as your next pair to own. Hit up A.P.C. directly or have a good search around online. But definitely worth checking out the men's department at A.P.C. and be in awe of all the good shit.  

5. Alexander Laude $$

Alexander Laude White leather sneakers

I really like these Alexandar Laude white sugar shoes, as you can see they take on the typical sneaker form you're familiar with from the variety above and they've got a hint of gold working nicely with the stark white. What's really striking about this sneaker and infact the brand itself is that they're extremely affordable without compromising the quality of materials which are all Italian leathers. While these are German designed they're made in Portugal and being affordbale is their driving force.

If you're struggling to make sense of spending a fair bit on a pair of white sneakers then these are the pair to get you in the game. Jump in by grabbing your pair from AL directly and it'll cost you circa $40NZD to ship worldwide... but seriously it's a steal. 

6. Buttero $$$$

Buttero white leather sneaker

Buttero is an Italian shoe maker with a great deal of heritage in making leather shoes and boots by doing it all the old fashion way, and preserving the fundamentals of quality leather and craftsmanship. Better still it's a family company who've been at it for over 40 years and you can meet and hear from some of the people who make these impressive sneakers via their video here.

What I'm attracted to with this particular Buttero sneaker are the metal eyelets with the leather laces! I've never had a pair of shoes with leather laces and thus these details make it a beautiful shoe. 

I'd say if I had to pick at second favourite sneaker, this would be it. The story behind the shoe from the sourcing of the leathers to the family operation make the sneaker even more special. Buttero also ship internationally. 

6. Buddy $$$

Buddy leather white sneaker

Every time I have friends that have come back from Japan, they rave about it. And it's not just about the culture, people, food and architecture, it's the great reviews of the fashion too. The Japanese people are renowned for being fun, joyful and colourful so it's no wonder this outlook translates to their approach to design and fashion. My last pick of the bunch are these great sneakers from Japanese brand Buddy.

A really nice rounded sneaker with a waxed smooth leather exterior. The tab at the back is a handy as sneakers can be often hard to slip on, but the standout feature for me is the cool little-stitched name tag on the sole. The tag bears the name of the shoe, size and date and then leaves room for you to put your own name or initials on them. Sure most won't see it, but I like the thought. 

Remember, don't underestimate what a good pair of sneakers can do for your entire look. Sometimes the best investment you can make is by starting from the bottom up, and with the options above you're set to start strong. 

Who can't wait for that first opening of the box new leather smell? Let me know if you do end up grabbing a pair.



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