About ME

Hey, welcome to my men's fashion & lifestyle blog.

I'm Jaheb, which by the looks and sounds of the name, would suggest I’m from some exotic location somewhere east of the world. Nope just little New Zealand and truth be told, it was the mid 80's and my mum was a mad hippie so there you go. Crazy times. Crazy name. 

Since a young age I’ve had a thing for fashion, which yet again, goes full credit to my mother who til this day reminds me of how she’d sport me in denim jackets, sweaters and bow ties. Dapper as f. Now skip a few years and my enthusiasm for fashion is still growing. I did once say out loud in a crowded lift that I've got a 'passion for fashion' and got laughed at. But you know that does kinda simply put why I'm doing this. 

But there's more to it. It's not just about posing for photos and searching for more things to store in the wardrobe, there's an underlying force to what I'm doing. It's about pushing us gents forward in a way that we can feel confident in who we are. It's about finding our own look and owning it. It's about realising that having style isn’t just reserved for Kanye.  

Call it a mission, vision, ethos or whatever you like but I'm in this gig to make men's fashion aspirational but relatable to us guys who are trying to figure this all out.   

Got a cool idea? Still wearing clothes your mum bought you and need advice? Want to collaborate or just grab a coffee and talk about how to make bum bags cool again (at the time of originally writing this Gucci, Supreme and any other flashy brand hadn’t jumped on these!). 

Give me a shout anytime.