Fitness: Sweating it out with F45 Training Newmarket / pt 2


I'm just over four weeks in. Half way. I think my body still resents me for what I'm putting it through, but it's accepted its fate. There's no going back - and thank goodness for that. Thinking back to my biggest struggle with my past gym dealings it was all very much a one-sided relationship. It was me alone, in a busy gym not knowing what the heck I was meant to be doing. I'd spend more time questioning, than the actual doing. And when you think you've done enough reps or exercises - you probably haven't. Personally for me to make a commitment, aim for tangible results and really know I've given it my best shot, I need a support person to cheer me on and give me some good old positive reinforcement that I can push one more, lift one more, do one more.

The team environment at F45 is that support person and it's something I've rarely ever experienced at a gym. For starters, both the trainers and fellow gym goers were extremely welcoming to new comers like Samuel and me. Even during the intense workout sessions there's always still time for little nuggets of encouragement and of course the famous round of high-fives at the end with all your peers leaves you on a high. This inclusive nature not only makes you work harder, it's also a shit load more fun. Working out becomes less of a chore and more an activity you enjoy and look forward to. That's a big win in my books.

Fitness is ever increasingly becoming gamified and competitive. F45 has taken advantage of this. There's a neat interactive screen visible by the entire team that connects to wireless heart rate monitors, called the F45 Lionheart Band that you can purchase as part of your F45 experience. This cool fitness monitor that's strapped to your chest gives a live read on your vital signs, so you can see if your heart is still beating while you're trying to do one more chin-up 😂. While your body is working hard, you can see scientifically just how hard, with the work rate percentage shown on screen. If you're doing above 100% you are a machine and Guy, one of the trainers, is always egging me on to get over the hundy mark. I sometimes get there, particularly on the sledge, I hate that thing. Plus once you've finished your workout (hurray) a full debrief of your session is emailed so you can view the peaks in your performance and also calories burned. I'm hitting around 750 cals per session. And on a Hollywood Saturday morning session which is two rounds of a big circuit, and an hour vs 45mins I'm hitting crica 1000 calories burned! I've been having a few chocolate bunnies lately so I'm needing those killer Saturday sessions 😳😅


4 weeks ago my weight was 77.85kgs. 12 sessions later (average 3 a week) I've dropped down to 76.5kg. Now here's the thing with weight, you have to ignore it to a certain extent. Weight includes muscle and when you're doing high-intensity workouts, you're not only burning fat (yay) but you're also building muscle, which weighs more than fat. So the real measure which gives you an indication of progress is the body fat count.

On the 28th February my body fat was sitting at 20.12%. I am extremely estatic to share with you that it's now down to 15.65%, that's nearly a 5% drop. 5% was my 8 week goal and I've nearly hit it in half the time. I'm so so stoked and doing a check in half way is a good process of ensuring you're tracking well but also a good ego boost which just fuels you to keep going, more often and go harder. 

On my final week of the 8 week regime we'll take a final reading of my weight and body fat count, but these next four weeks are going to be the real test, as the body reacts quite quickly to such a rapid change in activity, it's now the second part of the marathon which is harder to push through and see results. 

As we're all well aware, doing the sweaty, gritty, hard yards of working out is only one part of the fundamental equation for getting fit, being a better you and seeing results. There's also the all-important diet, where what you put in as fuel will be a big determinator towards your results. That's where the F45 Challenge app comes in. It's an app designed to be your training buddy. It outlines easy meal plans, recipes, nutrition tips and it can track your progress. Eating is a major player to success and having something in your hand that you can easily fall back on for ideas and inspiration is perfect for the busy guy or gal. This morning it was Salmon and Chives Scrambled eggs, which sat around 428 cals (daily average intake is approx 1900 for guys), and all this info and more is found within the app. 

One of the biggest selling points for F45 Training Newmarket is it's such a dynamic and engaging way to train. You're surrounded by people who are pushing themselves to the limit, sweating it out to the max and they're cheering each other on. My F45 compadres are from all walks of life and fitness levels and they're here getting it done. No excuses. I'm stoked to be a part of this F45 community.

I'm feeling great, sore, refreshed, and more energised than ever. The cleaner eating and working the body hard is doing good things, and as you keep on going, you find yourself wanting to go to more sessions. Crazy right? But getting in shape starts to get addictive and you just don't look back. 

Keen to give F45 a go? You can grab a free 7-day trial, just sign-up with F45 Training Newmarket and I'll see you there! 

Don't forget to bring a towel, water bottle and your fierce attitude. 




This article is part two of a three part mini-series that'll track my F45 journey, so keep up-to-date by subscribing to my newsletter and check out the F45 Newmarket gram to see me sweat it out 💪🏻

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