Showcase: Don't forget to pack style this Long Weekend

Jaheb Barnett wearing Tommy Hilfiger

We live for weekends away here in New Zealand. It's a chance to get out of the big smoke and head to the nearest seaside spot and enjoy the fruits of a Kiwi Summer; sun, beach, friends, cold refreshments & sampling some of the local flair. 

Heading away however doesn't necessarily mean ditching the standard of dress code. It's all reliant on where you're going and what you're doing of course but if it's a location that offers some impressive wineries or dinning options then it's a good idea to match the environment. I've pulled this little spread together to showcase how to maintain style when heading somewhere like Waiheke for the holidays, where you'll be sipping on fine wines and nibbling on cheese platters all weekend long. How sophisticated. 

A trip to Waiheke - a popular island weekend getaway - is just a short 45min ferry ride away from Auckland's downtown and you'll arrive to a scene full of stunning wineries and places to dine. While the island has it's laid back vibe and atmosphere it can still demand an appropriate level of attire. For me it's about being being comfortable and looking smart without overdoing it. 



Now I'm wearing a jacket here, but that might just be for the evening events like Mud Brick for dinner, and then during the day the plaid shirt is all you need. It is Summer after all so a jacket may just be too much. To add some texture and colour to the black and beige tones of the jacket and pants I'm wearing a new plaid by Tommy that I picked up in the states. Plaid is a good option if you're finding the outfit is looking a little bland. If you're to check out my wardrobe I don't own a lot of colour (I'm working on changing this) so for me going plaid gives me some much needed colour. 


I've gone with a nice pair of slacks for this look. Stone or beige colour is a good tone to start with as this can work with any variety you throw on top, like a shirt with a bright colour or pattern. If it's a real stunner of a day, you most definitely switch out the chino pants for some chino or linen shorts. I'd have these options packed ready to go so that way you're covered as many of you will know Auckland's weather can change by the minute. 


My shoes are a new purchase thanks to a French Connection sale which I picked up for $70 NZD. An absolute steal for hand made leather sneakers. You can check out my blog post about my favourite white leather sneakers in the market at the moment and pick up a pair for yourself. They're insanely versatile with any look, and you'll get shit loads of use out of them. From wearing them with shorts at the beach, to pairing them with jeans or chinos when heading out for dinner or drinks. But seriously guys, no jandals ok? 


A good pair of sunglasses are a must for any weekend getaway. You're going to be spending a lot of time outdoors basking in the sun so not only is it appropriate for being sun smart, the right sunglasses can easily upgrade your look from casual to smart casual. So leave the Oakleys at home, as you'll need something like the new season Ray-Ban wayfarer frames that I'm wearing below. These are a contemporary evolution of one of their most famous styles - wayfarer- and they've implemented the vogue flat gradient mirror lens. They look slick. 


A timepiece never goes astray and I wear one almost daily. Daniel Wellington is an extremely popular brand which you'll see pop up frequently across insta feeds. I got sucked in and love it. With the black strap, white face and gold detailing the watch will add a dose of simple elegance to your entire look. Sure you don't really need to know the time when you're on holiday, especially on 'island' time but it's a nice feature. 



No weekend away is complete without a duffle bag. You're going to need to pack a few essentials to get you through the weekend. Think a couple of pants/jeans/shorts a few shirts and tees, enough underwear, toiletries and even a good book. So there's plenty of reasons why a duffle is required. 

I picked up this canvas Tommy Hilfiger duffle bag online after a month of looking all over the show for something with a bit of colour. Shopping on places like Amazon has its perks of opening up your world to more brands and items, however sometimes there are limitations on shipping to NZ, so I'd suggest if that happens to use the NZ Post YouShop service which is a shipping forwarding system where you're provided with a US address and you're charged a fee to then onward ship to NZ. I've used it heaps - it's a lifesaver. 

So just remember going away for the Long Weekend doesn't always mean it's straight to jandals and boardies, you can keep up appearances by looking stylish and no one is ever going to snark at someone that looks bloody good, at all times. You'll be setting the tone and that's always a good thing. 

Have a good one.


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Jaheb wearing // Tommy Hilfiger jacket and shirt, The Academy Brand chino pants, French Connection sneakers, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Daniel Wellington watch and Tommy Hilfiger weekend duffle bag. Hair was messy as f due to being annoyingly windy.