Wearing: 90's Re-issue CK & Tommy

Jaheb Barnett Fashion Blogger wearing Calvin Klein 90's Reissue Tee

A number of brands are going back to their roots and re-releasing some of their best selling styles of the 90's. I've always been a firm believer that the 90's was an exceptional decade for everything, from music to fashion. Yip sure I saw only four years of it being a toddler, but I rocked it looking back at the photos of me as a youngster. I know that those early days were the most informative years of my relationship with clothing. 

Massive powerhouse labels like Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein are killing it right now with the re-issue of their 90's looks and the people are buying it up (me 100% included). I've got four no wait - SIX items across the CK and Tommy line-up; four tees, a hoodie and denim jacket that I wear on weekly rotation. The styles are simple in some instances, sporting thier logos or colours, others are more typical of the era with their names splashed rather largely as if it was a 'sale' sign. 

Interestingly, I hadn't worn or bought any Tommy gear for a few years as my affection for the brand had been replaced by the many other labels that I love (A.P.C, Acne Studios, Nike, James Perse, Rag & Bone - just to name a few). So in a way this revival of the 90's got me back in touch with Tommy and I even got out my old Tommy nautical belt, boat shoes and shirts. It's just fantastic I that I never got rid of these and I'm able to relive through re-wearing. More reasons to horde. Screw the fashion fads and cycles - when you know you've got something good keeeeeeep it! 

If you're keen on getting back into some sweet 90's gear - then check out what's available on the links below;

CK over at Urban Outfitters

Tommy Hilfiger get up on End Clothing

Enjoy shopping ☝🏻




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