Showcase: L'Oreal entry w hairstylist Chetan Mongia


My long standing hairdresser, stylist and all round incredibly creative friend Chetan Mongia got me back for another round of blond craziness to enter our second competition - this time for the global L'Oreal Colour Trophy. As the name suggests, the focus is on the colour and I think maybe the inspo for my latest look was a parrot? Nonetheless the results we're amazing and every time I see the final edit I'm a bit shocked it's actually me. But that's where all fun is in being the model, you get to be a different version of yourself, even if it only exists for one shot. 

Here's a little snap of the dye going on....for a third time to go from brown to gold. 

Jaheb Barnett & Chetan Mongia Hairdresser

Big ups must go to the entire team who worked on this entry, Padma on making me look out of this world, Chetan for the cut, colour, style and overall vision and Vineet behind the lens to capture it all. 

Can't wait to see what colour and cut I'll have next.



Jaheb wearing // Navy suit, shirt and tie all from Rembrandt, New Market