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Alpha Industrie Bomber Jacket

Bombers - they're the number one Googled men's fashion item this season, and by the looks of it they'll be here for a few more seasons to come. So I thought I'd do you all a solid and take a look at some of the best out there at the moment. If you're in the market for one, I can guarantee you'll find one if not two on their way to your doorstep after reading. Ahh bless online shopping. 

1. Alpha Industries

Alpha Industries Bomber Jacket

Typically there's always a trendsetter with any given garment and in the case of bombers, Alpha Industries have been at it for some time. It's all due to the fact they've had a longstanding history of producing bombers thanks to a USA military contract in the 50's which resulted in surplus jackets being sold in army surplus stores. The second bomber I've ever owned was from these guys after spotting it on instagram and it wasn't easy selecting one, as Alpha's range is insanely huge. Celebs all over the world have been spotted sporting Alpha's bombers, with the likes of old mate Kanye, Chris Brown, and Jared Leto just to name a few of the guys who like their fashion. You can pick up your own bomber directly from their online shop and a selection are also available from Superette if you do want to go in, try and buy.  

2. Native Youth

Native Youth Bomber Jacket

I've had my eye on the British label Native Youth for some time now and it's no surprise they've taken a slightly different approach to the bomber as they're all about servicing the confident youth culture. They've given their Advisory bomber jacket some attitude with big 3D like front pockets, while slimming down the entire jacket and adding quilted lining, it's really perfect for the mixed Spring weather ahead (currently raining outside as I'm writing this). 

3. Penfield

Penfield Bomber Jacket

I'm a huge fan of the quilt jackets that are really taking off at the moment (will do a separate post on this asap) and Penfield have gone and applied the quilt to bombers and it's choice. Big quilt pattern, big front pocket and lightweight makes for an awesome bomber that'll complement any look you're after. 

4. Zanerobe

Zanerobe Bomber Jacket - Blue Steele

Zanerobe as a label have really gone from strength-to-strength and even as I've been pulling together this list of must-have bombers, it's sold out from some a number of local stockists. What I really like about the bomber line up from this Aussie label is it's no fuss. Really simple on the detail - from its regular fit, without any bulk, to its heat treated zips which remind me of my Nike Tech Fleece pants. Plus to top it all off, I'm really vibing the steel blue colourway as seen above. 

5.  Pull and bear

Pull & Bear Camo Bomber Jacket

I've been seeing more and more of the label Pull & Bear on my radar and really loving what they offer up. Even on the bomber front they've got an extensive range, with 30 styles that cover prints, suede, quilts and leather they have you sorted. But that's not all folks, the prices are so so good with jackets starting at $50 NZD odd you'd be silly not to get tempted. If I didn't already have three bombers and could get away with buying another without my girlfriend finding out, I'd do it. Seriously. 

6. Oak

Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 5.29.26 PM.png

Number six and final on the list is something I've left to last on purpose because it's different and equally outstanding. It's the strap bomber jacket by New York label Oak that's due to launch as part of their Fall campaign. It's got a whole lot of personality to offer, being made with quality wool, two front side facing pockets and straps on each side it will set you apart and have people admiring your style / swagger however you refer to it. 

So there you have it. There's six very different takes on the bomber jacket, from a more classic approach to a complete rework to suit a variety of styles and tastes. Now the big challenge is left to you - which one will you be wearing to keep you looking cool over Spring? 

It'll be hard not to have them all!