Showcase: Own Your Moment with Merchant 1948


I recently came across this meme below on the gram and how true is it! Put your hand up if you're as guilty as I am of doing this? It happens to me without even realising it. I could be walking down a busy street or meeting an important client and there I am sussing out their footwear before I've even got to their name. What's up with that?

I guess in a way shoes are like eyes into a person's soul. Yes this is maybe slightly far-fetched but let's roll with it ok? I believe every pair of shoes has a story to tell. They've been with you right in that moment, in that memory. They're as equally a part of your journey and have no doubt been in some interesting shit and often have the scars to prove it.

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 10.23.20 AM.png

Shoes never really get the credit they deserve. We're often so busy thinking about what's happening up top, the shoes are the last to the party. It's the classic 'she'll do' attitude which can really let you down. And I totally get it. This can be one of the biggest struggles we face as humans - what shoes should I wear? This isn't just a female problem either, us gents are prone to the challenge of not knowing what footwear is best fit for the job.  

Footwear deserve to be matched with the right moment. Moments can be nearly anything and everything. From a simple moment of relaxing, a moment of adventure and freedom, to a moment of real purpose and direction. To give you a feel for the variety of shoes out there that can help you make the most of whatever your moment is, I've partnered with Merchant 1948 who know a thing or two about dressing the foot. I've street tested three shoes that stood out to me and paired each with a unique moment that's personal to me.

Let's check them out...

Moment of chill.


Grabbing a coffee on the Ponsonby strip, a frequent weekend event. How Ponsonby of me right? Well I'm a city boy so you can't knock me for it! 

These shoes are making big headway in the fashion scene at the moment, and yes they might also make an appearance in your grandad's wardrobe, they're making a comeback and let's face it, they've got class and they help dress up any look. 

I've been getting into pleated pants and double-breasted blazers at the minute, maybe channelling that Mr Gatsby style and the pair of slacks and blazer just arrived the week prior so I knew they'd work well with these Giancarlo Moretti Lensar gray shoes. Now all I was missing was a 1920's car. 


Moment of freedom.


Jumping on the ferry bound for a mini adventure to Devonport. I get the ferry almost daily to work and I love it. It gives me this little taste of adventure and the feeling of freedom that comes with being out on the water with nothing distracting me aside from what I want to be occupied by. 

Here I've gone with a casual weekend look but smartened it up a touch with a navy blue carrot pant which show off a little skin around the ankle, along with a tucked in a tee and a light bomber to finish it off. 

These Deuce Jake sneakers are a reflection of the huge trend and need for a simple, clean and elegant sneaker that works with any uniform you're pulling together. I wear them for work and play as they've got stacks versatility and even look awesome with a pair of shorts on too.

Funnily enough, they're called 'Jake' sneakers because the shoe designer dates a friend of mine called Jake and I found it all to oddly strange to be a coincidence these were named the same. Jake's apparently got a few sneakers named after him, and he's not even a celebrity! Lucky for some. 


Moment of purpose.


My weekends are often dedicated to blogging. With a full-time career in advertising Monday to Friday, it leaves me with these two precious days to really get cracking on everything blog related. So rather than missing out on the world around me, I'll often take blogging on the go and seek inspiration from the happenings around me. 

I've always been a fan of boots and I'd say I wear them almost daily to work and out & about on weekends. They're a little rock & roll I reckon and paired with some great denim (even ripped) and some raw hem shirting maybe I am ready to take the stage.

These Amalfi Dress Boots are the real deal. Handcrafted in none other than Italy and of course with high-quality leather. The result are these timeless & elegant boots that'll get people asking where they're from, which is what I've had on numerous occasions since owning them for only about 2 weeks now. These will definitely be a part of many moments for me. 


Limited Edition Leather Jacket by Android Homme

Raw Denim shirt by Commoners

Ripped Denim Jeans by Rag & Bone

Amalfi Italian Leather Dress Boots by Merchant 1948

So there's three of my favourites and I can honestly say Merchant 1948 is the place you need start your footwear journey. They've got an extensive range which spans all your needs from something casual, to smart and sophisticated and the staff don't mind pulling out 100 different shoes for you to try on (speaking from real life experience here!). 

The great news too is that I've teamed up with Merchant 1948 to shout you 15% off your next purchase. Simply tap in the code JAHEB15* when you're prompted for a discount code or simply mention in-store.

There's no excuse now to not make the most of your every day moments by ensuring your footwear is equipped for whatever lies ahead. And trust me when you up your shoe game, people will notice and ask where you got your footwear from. 

Go forth and own your moment.



* The 15% off is valid for full priced products only, not in conjunction with any other offer, and valid until 1st November 2017. 

This post was made in collaboration with Merchant 1948 who have a brilliant dedicated men's footwear store in High Street, Auckland as well as a comprehensive line up online. All words, opinions and expressions are my own. 

Photography by Creative talent Theo Leach - thanks for the fun afternoon out & about shooting in the city while we were cautiously watching the impending dark rain clouds coming for us.