Monologues: Three Crafty & Triple Distilled Bloggers


The blogging world is a relatively small one locally here in New Zealand, and as a fairly new member of the community, I went into this gig knowing that for me collaboration with other like-minded bloggers was going to be a huge part of my story. I fully subscribe to the view that your personal endeavours are only as successful as those others that you also support. And with so many brilliant creatives out there who share similar passions and aspirations, I get many kicks from meeting and working with them. You're left feeling energised and fuelled to continue chasing the dream. 

If you follow me and my little fashion adventures you’ll recognise these two faces. Vlad Tichen I first met at a label launch one evening, and blow me down two weeks later we stopped each other on Queen Street and got chatting men's fashion. From there we’ve caught up, shared experiences, ideas, and helped each other make connections and find opportunities within the industry we’re playing in. Plus he’s brutally honest and hilarious. 

Holly Lindsey, the fashion force to be reckoned with, is so down to earth and real about her approach to making fashion accessible for Kiwi gals.  Holly has become a good friend who pushes me creatively and makes shooting a riot of a time, especially when we also throw Tori Hayley our incredibly talented photographer & friend into the mix. I think when there's a weekend we aren't all shooting together it just doesn't feel right. We get FOMO. 


Last week we got a neat opportunity for us three to have an after work catch up over a few delicious drinks, thanks to the Scottish whisky label Auchentoshan. After a drink or two, it didn’t get any easier to try and pronounce the name, even when adding in the Scottish accent. But trust me the taste was extremely smooth, light and accessible for a whisky, and that's what Auchentoshan is famous for. Auchentoshan go the third round of distilling compared to two - traditionally the process in Scotland and here's a fun fact I found out from Stephen the NZ ambassador - at its purest, whisky is beer distilled. No way right?! 

The three musketeers got to hit up three different bars to get a first-hand experience of what a triple distilled single malt whisky tastes like when interestingly mixed with some craft beers which was something very unexpected. I'd never tried or even thought that whisky could be mixed with beer, I mean I'm familiar with an ale chaser, but as it turns out mixing whisky with beer can be and is and done and the result tastes like Summer in a drink. Plus it had me thinking that this Auchentoshan American Oak, mixed with a few favourite craft beers, is a great way to introduce someone to drinking whisky or an alternative to drinking it neat or on the rocks too. 

While sipping our cocktails we yakked on about our lives. Something we're quite good at as you might be able to imagine. There's Holly’s new exciting audition to become a Bravo host, we got an update on Vlad's recent move to become a full-time stylist, who by the way is the resident stylist for us gents at Sylvia Park! And well me and my first few months being back in advertising as a Mad Man and striking that work-blog-life balance. 


Our mid week whisky party continued as we hopped across one bar to the next. The Lumsden, in Newmarket, then onwards to Britomart Country Club in Britomart and our final stop over at My Bar (not actually my own bar in case you're confused) a small darkly lit bar tucked away in Durham Lane. Each spot provided their own unique take of this single malt whisky infused with a local beer. The bartenders had us shaking up the cocktails and pouring the Auchentoshan and Ale Signature serves while giving us a run down on why they reckoned their version of the Auchentoshan cocktail will be a hit like a track from Bieber this Summer. 

Much like the Auchentoshan whisky, us bloggers are our own unique blend, full of character and flavour and we're only going to get better with time. We're distilled differently and are a new breed of bloggers who are honest, real and even brutal at times. But that's being human and that's what connect us. I hope you all come on the ride as we together try and make something of our dreams, and seriously without people like you who take the time to read, follow and interact with us and our content it wouldn't mean anything. So cheers to you. 

And to wrap up, I thought since we're talking cocktails here's one that got made for us that you too can enjoy:

Auchentoshan and Ale


Fill a glass with ice

35ml Auchentoshan American Oak

20ml Fresh lemon juice

Mix you favourite pale ale

Finish with Lemon garnish


Get out there, mix and mingle more during the week and take the time to catch up with friends over a refreshing drink like the Auchentoshan American Oak and I recommend trying it with beer, it'll be an amazing experience. 



Cheers to Auchentoshan for inviting Vlad, Holly and myself to get together over a few whiskeys and telling us the story of the origin and distilling process. 

Shout out to Tori for capturing the stills photography in some really challenging situations with dark environments and to Trent for getting video of us all in our element. 

Remember to drink responsibly out there and my advice, is for every drink, match it with a water. You'll thank yourself the next day.