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Jaheb Barnett Mexico

Ah my second sunburn of Summer, when will I ever learn? I think I'm going to have to go back to using baby faces SPF 50. My first run in with the sun wasn't actually due to the harsh New Zealand conditions, it was rather Mexico while I was lying in a caboose pool-side, ocean-side. It was bliss. Drinking mojitos, eating tacos and just feeling so relaxed with not a care in the world. And this is no throw-away comment either, it's real deal, as I've come from working in a career in Advertising for just under 5 years and it ages you...inside and out. So back to me lying in Mexico, well I'm there in the 30 degree sunshine on the Carribean coast of Mexico lapping it all up and soaking up the local culture. 

Mexico, as you can appreciate is one colourful place. The people, the food, the fashion, the music and the environment is like a fruit salad that you can't wait to dive into. For me it was as much about getting some time to really unwind after a busy year and being hard out tourists in our first leg of the trip through New York & Washington D.C. as it was also keeping a keen eye on things from a fashion perspective. Like one evening when we decided to brave the Playa del carmen 5th Ave.

5th Ave is massive tourist trap housing many local goods and services as well as big hitters like Nike and Tommy Hilfiger. All there to take the tourist $$. Anyhow, whilst trying not to buy numerous bottles of cheap tequila, I came across these awesome pink flamingo swim shorts - which we super rad, yet unfortunately due to being on sale didn't have my size! So while I haven't come away with a pair of sweet swimmers, it did spark a thought to do a post on some swimwear that'll make you the envy of the whole beach this Summer. And if you're anything like me, you'll be living in them until at least March. Take a look below and let me know if you end up getting yourself a pair to rock in this Summer ๐Ÿ˜Ž


Chalk the Brand Swim Shorts

I'm going to start off with a local label, as I love what the guys are doing behind the fairly new Kiwi label Chalk the Brand. They're not only producing some great swim shorts, they've got linen shorts on the line up, and I really haven't seen many guys get into a pair of these yet, but I can tell you now they're about to take off, so I'd probably have a couple of shorts in my cart to checkout. Also did you notice that these bad ass swim shorts have pink flamingos on them!  


Mr Simple Swim Shorts

What's really neat about this next label Mr Simple is their approach to the fabrics they use. This tropical beach short is made up of 48% recycled hemp, a further 28% hemp and remaining 24% organic cotton. With fast fashion being a big contributor to some of the world's biggest sustainability issues, this is just fantastic to see. Not only does the product look great, it's doing good for the world too ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป

Have a sniff at their insta page if you want to check out the other great clothing they make. 


Outerknown Shorts

Another label with a big ethical conscious was spawned from the famous pro surfer, none other than Mr Kelly Slater ๐Ÿ„๐Ÿฝ It's called Outerknown, and its ethos is founded on style being sustainable. To give you a sense of what this brand stands for, here's a great quote from Outerknown's production manager about the conviction and purpose not only the brand has, but each person that works for it. 


The range of Evolution trunks (shorts) are constructed out of 100% recycled nylon. Yeah great, but what does that exactly mean? Well prepare to be super impressed as it's no easy feat but nylon comes from reclaimed fishing nets. You can read up more about this amazing, world first manufacturing process here. What's also very interesting is this process of taking old fishing nets and making them into clothing is a process of regeneration, as opposed to recycling, because it's a close-loop system. There's an infinite number of times the nylon can be broken down and re-born into new yarn without any loss of quality. It's freaking amazing.

Check out their insta to see for yourself just how passionate they are about sustainability and making ethical clothing.


Kelly Slater from Outerknown


Boardies Apparel Swim Shorts

Boardies Apparel have a swell line up of patterns across their swimmers with lots of colour options and even some great collaborations like that of Scotish menswear label Kestin Hare. Boardies come in two styles, shortie-shorts and mid-length so be sure to check how much bare thigh you want to expose to the sun (and the world). Check out ASOS, they've got a sale on BA at the moment.



Franks Australia Pineapple Swim Shorts

Franks Australia are a heap of fun, and they showcase this through their use of geometric designs. From shorts sporting funky designs like pineapples, to sharks and ice creams - these will be iconic for any beach this Summer.

Check out their insta here ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป

Well there you have it, a few of my picks to help you on your way to looking good in some swim shorts, trunks, boardies or whatever you call them. After writing this article I could seriously have a different pair of swim shorts lined up for every day of the week. 

Have a fun Summer and don't forget your zinc.