Spotlight: 10 Questions with Creative & Ugly Sneaker Collector PK

Spotlight is a segment that shines a light on local Kiwi guys doing cool things, chasing down their dreams and owning life. Every spotlight will feature 10 questions to uncover a little about who these guys are and of course a bit about their style. 


PK is one of the most stylish guys I've ever had the pleasure of working with. He's well acquainted with undercover labels you've never heard of and finds inspiration where many don't bother to look. And not only does he kill his own unique style, he's also a bloody brilliant Art Director at DDB. Here's 10 questions with Paul Kim. 

Q1: You’re a creative - art director, working in advertising. How did you end up being a creative?

I realised at Uni I didn’t want to get a proper job. Proper job in a traditional sense I mean…you know complete with suits, starched white shirts and a cubicle. So I enrolled in Media Design School for an intensive 1 year course in creative advertising, then started an internship getting paid like $80 bucks a week. Shout out to WINZ.


Q2: What do you think about NZ fashion and style?

To me, young kids have the best style. Everyone else needs to step up.


Q3: Where do you draw most of your fashion inspiration from?

I want to say something cool but I’d be lying if I said anything either than Instagram.


Q4: What’s been your strangest moment in advertising?

You come up with the best ideas when you are talking shit with your creative partner. So in theory, we get paid to talk rubbish – realising that was a strange moment.


Q5: What app should all guys download on their phone?



Q6: Who’ve you just recently started following on the gram?

@subwaycreatures @massimobottura @kohh_t20 @herbstarchitects


Q7: What’s your go-to online shopping site atm?





Q8: You often seek out the ugly clothes & things, how’d you come with up this thought?

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder bruh. I quite like piecing together something quite offensive with stuff that’s super conservative.


Q9: Do you have a favourite label?

I don’t have a favourite label but I quite like Japanese stuff – Commes, Visvim, Cav Empt, WTAPS, Head Porter, Junya Watanabe are a starting point. 


Q10: What style trend are you digging at the moment?

Wild sneakers. Like Nike TNs and Adidas/Raf Simons Ozweegos


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