Monologues: Ugly is the new cool

Jaheb Barnett wearing deus ex machina pants, calvin klein jacket and french connection shoes

A mate of mine who I used to work with (and who is also a fellow fashonista) PK, once said to me he actively hunts out ugly looking sneakers. Why? It's simple really - because then he knows they're more likely to be originals, and less likely to be seen on other people. This struck me as extremely smart thinking. We're constantly being bombarded by all the latest crazes in fashion and up against millions of people trying to get the same things which sell out so quick. 

With the increase in globalisation and mass marketing of goods, certain things, like sneakers can totally flood the scene and become wallpaper. Remember when Nike Roshes launched? Everyone had at least a pair or two and Nike kept releasing colourways and oversaturated it to the point where people didn't feel they had unique sneakers and the fad moved on very quickly. 

What I'm attracted to with this new wave of hunting for ugly is the fact there are quite a few benefits to implementing this strategy. First off, they're typically the items that go on sale. They that haven't sold well, so get heavily discounted, so there's a nice money saving opportunity to be had at looking at what might not be as clearly appealing to a person.

The real big opportunity of ugly however is you can actually make it your own. You can make a statement. As ugly as something may be to someone, it can be transformed to something more appealing. It's simply how you make it work that determines it's success as an outfit or look.

As seen with all the accompanying imagery in this post, I picked up these pair of cotton pants from deus ex machina, which the lady told me have been sitting around for a while because no one really wanted them. Sure they're a light brown, got some bagginess to them and feature massive pockets front and back. But I liked them. I saw potential. I knew that if I got them on with some other pieces that could compliment the pants (like a crisp tee, sneakers and something like a denim jacket) I could make some magic. Up for you to decide if you like it, but I do and that's again what counts. It's me and my style. 

Ugly is good. It's an opportunity waiting. Ugly allows you to experiment, get risky, try something new and get out of your boring comfort zone. Maybe start with a tee that's got a fresh tone to it , maybe it's a unique type of pant or throw on some eye-catching sneakers. 

Whatever the item is, play around with it and see how you can make ugly become cool. 



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Jaheb wearing // Calvin Klein Denim 90's reissue denim jacket, James Perse crew tee, Deus ex machina cotton pants, French Connection white leather sneakers, Ray-Ban wayfarer sunglasses & Daniel Wellington 42mm gold watch. Clearly no hair product on this windy Summer day.