Lifestyle: A New Year in New Balance


Well what is the point of a New Year blog post without touching on New Year Resolutions? It's funny how a change in date and a switch out to that new calendar of hot babes your grandma bought you for Christmas (when you're 31 not 13) can signal a time for some life adjustments. I purposefully say 'adjustments', as sure we can talk goals, but I feel 'adjustments' are the all-important small and influential steps you need to make on the journey towards achieving your ambitious goals. Setting a list of adjustments makes them feel more attainable and I like making things as realistic as possible. 

2018 for me is going to be one of the biggest yet. Sounds terribly cliché I know but stick with me here. I know 2018 has got real potential as my beautiful girlfriend and I have just purchased our very first humble abode on the North Shore in Auckland - an area we've grown up in since kids. It's a special time for us as a couple and we didn't even have this on the agenda until very late in 2017. Yet within a fairly short period we locked eyes on a home and very soon after we found out our offer was accepted and we had ourselves a nest. We get the keys late January, and the big move is just the beginning. I've been thinking about my top 10 set of adjustments that I'm keen to work on across 2018, these are lifestyle adjustments not something you just tick off and say great I've done it. It's an adopted behaviour for the most part. 

Here's my set of adjustments for the thrilling year ahead;

1.  Less consumption & more upcycling and recycling. I'm a big fan of clothes and tech, now with a mortgage, frivolous spending has to be curbed. If I need to I have to sell to purchase new items on a wishlist. 

2. Expand my culinary skillset. I've got plenty of cookbooks, particularly Jamie Oliver ones as my mum thinks I look like him. Often I just whip up the same 4 meals which my girlfriend can list off without even thinking about it. Love my stir-frys. 

3. Get on the tools. I grew up without a Dad, it's no real excuse for not learning how to be a handy man, but I feel now owning a home means that list of things to do will need to be tackled (with the help of some handy friends). Plus my girlfriend's mum bought me a toolbox and tools for Christmas. 

4. Change the working week up. Monday to Friday can often get quite repetitive and I'm keen to throw in some different experiences during the week to break it up. Consistent date nights with the lady are key here too as we can often get lured in by Netflix. 

5. See my family more. I've got a relatively small family who live nearby yet I don't see them nearly enough. I've enlisted my oldest brother to help paint the interior of the new home, so I think that's a smart use of family bonding time! 

6. I'm going to sign up for the 8 Week F45 Challenge kicking off end of January including a strict eating plan to get in the best shape of my life (and I'll be blogging about the journey). 

7. Self-improvement through learning. I got given the Tools of Titans book by Tim Ferriss from a friend recently and it tracks some strategies from successful people across different disciplines, from sport fo business. There's also great podcasts from a host of KOLs and even the Tony Robbins app is worth downloading and listening too. 

8. Go to bed earlier and get up earlier. I LOVE SLEEP and it's one of my favourite activities however in order to be more productive, I've got to nail a better sleep routine and get up earlier to exercise and start the day right. 

9. Less chocolate & coffee. My girlfriend said why on Earth would you be so ridic since I'm addicted to chocolate and it brings such happiness. But the body doesn't need it so again this will be a constant work in progress. 

10.  Back to the drums. I used to be a drummer as a kid. Had my own hit at age 10 and dabbled a little during high school. Was even in a choice band with some of my mates called Invalid. Think we did one school gig. I've forever wanted to get back into drumming and now with my own home, it feels like the stars have aligned. 

Constantly keeping up with this list above requires balance. It's going to be hard to do all of these, all the time. Much rides on a bit of forward planning just like you would implement at work- put time aside to tackle tasks, go out on adventures and dates. For me, my juggling act involves continuing to drive my advertising career forward, building my blog and audience and nurturing my relationship and friendships - all extremely important aspects of my life that require time, energy and devotion. 


2018 is about restoring a better new balance and doing it in style. Over Summer I've had the pleasure of sporting the New Balance 247 sneakers thanks to my family at New Balance. I'm constantly impressed with the 247 range and with the variety of drops on rotation it's hard to pick a favourite colourway, and as you can see I'm rocking both the new black, and white options. 

New Balance 247's are a simply stylish silhouette that offers a sock-like fit. Lightweight in design makes for a comfortable sneaker that allows for easy movement. They're soft on the feet due to the rubber sole and very breathable with the mesh fabric outter. Whatever you're up to over Summer these are some serious sneakers to kick your street style up a few notches. All available online or in-store at New Balance

What are your adjustments for the year ahead for that new balance? Bring on twenty eighteen and see you out there. 




Thanks to the New Balance team for putting me in some slick new 247s to keep me looking stylish and comfortable over Summer 2018!  

Photography by the one and only Tori Hayley