Fashion: Denim Overload


I’m no stranger to repping double denim. Started at an early age when my mum was putting me in all sorts of denim - even the overalls that seem to have come full circle since. So when I saw some of Ksubi’s new season denim line up of jackets and jeans I was all over it like Justin & Britney were in the 2000’s. Definitely not saying bye-bye-bye to this trend. Did you just sing that in your head like I did?

There’s no real right or wrong way to do double denim in my books. If you’re a newbie and want to put your training wheels on, it could be a good idea to stick with one denim tone or colour top & bottom. So that could be black denim jeans + a black denim jacket, or like I’ve done, a washed-out blue denim look complete with rips to make me look edgy and a bit of a bad boy (I think I’m the only one that thinks that latter one).

Where are the boots from you ask? These lace-ups are from one of my regular searched labels Tommy Hilfiger, and I discovered them in Washington, DC at the Nordstrom Rack. Heck I love hunting down a bargain on these racks and when I saw these I was well stoked they came in my size 10. Not many of us Kiwi blokes seem to wear boots, or at least not lace-ups like these, so if you like the look of this style and come across some, don’t be afraid to try them on. Boots like these can provide some instant sophistication to the overall look.

The floral type arrangement shirt is Ksubi too. That’s me channeling the male fashion icon that is Jeff Goldblum here. If you don’t know him, you have to hit his name - he really is a world class inspiration and continues to make fashion at his age playful and fun.


Ksubi threads kindly supplied by Public Library Showroom. Photography & editing supplied by Dalong. Model supplied by me.